Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Got a Cool Gizmo!

Okay, I LOVE gadgets, especially if they really work.  Unfortunately most don’t really live up to their hype.  Anyway, I am also always looking for things that can be used differently than intended.  

I wrote recently about blocking and squaring quilts.  As I have gained confidence and efficiency, my quilts have gotten larger.  While the laser works really well to show you the way, with large quilts even the smallest angle error results in large errors at the other end.  Add that I have to cut 2-foot sections (my longest ruler, not to mention the cutting pad) along the edge and errors only get larger.

Robbi Joy Eklow uses drop ceiling panels as large rulers to square up her quilts.  They measure 2 ft by 4 feet.  So today I went to Lowes to check them out.  I was disappointed – they are pretty flimsy.  I know my hamfisted self would break one in a heartbeat.   They are expensive: over $20.  So I checked other departments.  In the sheet rock cutting tools area I discovered a metal ruler 6 feet long!  $10.50.  After I apply the little sandpaper disks, I think it’s heavy enough to stay put.  I can lay it along the laser line, slide the cutting pad underneath without it moving and cut a good edge.  I have, God knows, enough other rulers to make sure the long ruler is laying square at the corner.  Anyway, that’s my intent.  I’ll let you know if it actually works as envisioned!

My new 6 foot long ruler!  I will use it to square the quilt I am currently blocking.

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