Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Half Square Triangles: 8 at a time!

I love HST’s – they can be used so many ways and are quick to make.  

 I usually make them 2 at a time:

  • Cut 2 squares one inch larger than the desired finished size.
  • Draw a diagonal on one of the squares and with right sides together, sew ¼ inch either side of this diagonal .
  • Cut along the diagonal – you’ll have 2 HST’s.
  •  Press the seam and trim to size ( ½ inch larger than the desired finished  size).  It's best to place the diagonal line of your ruler along the seam to ensure you have crisp corners.

However, you can make eight with only 4 seams and four cuts.

  • Cut 2 squares with DOUBLE the dimensions figured above.  Example: I want to end up with 4 inch HST’s.  So I would cut 5 inch squares to make 2 but will cut 10inch squares to make 8.  (Note how this size of HST is ideal for charm squares and cake layers.)
  • Draw in both diagonals on one of the squares. 
  • Place right sides together and sew ¼ inch either side of each diagonal.

  •  Cut through both diagonals AND cut the square in half each way.  Now you’ll have 8 HST’S.
  • Don't move any of the pieces until after you have done all the cuts.  Rotate your cutting board as needed.

  • Press and trim to size as above.
Once you have all your HST's, you can arrange them so many ways.  Here's a recent block I made with 2 sets of 8 HST's.

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I love making hst this way and I love hst!

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