Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Updates: Delicate Arch Finished and More

I have again been a big blogging slacker.  So much to do, so little time.

I finished Delicate Arch the end of August, because I wanted to enter it into a local judged art quilt show.  While this was a big challenge, I am pleased to write that the efforts more than paid off: my quilt placed second on that show.  First time I placed in a formal competition!

To recap the progress:
Original photo I took

Nearly done with fabrics

Final fabrics, coloring and beginning threadwork
Delicate Arch completed

After that, we traveled through parts of Greece and visited friends and family in Germany.  Some of the pictures we took in Greece may form the inspiration for my next quilt.

Meanwhile, I have been avidly spinning and knitting - have some Christmas presents to complete.  I especially have been having fun dying wool before spinning.  Many of the color concepts in quilting and painting fabric I have had a chance to apply to dying.  I hope to soon post a short series on these projects.

I also have been teaching some classes in free motion quilting and freezer paper piecing.  The proceeds help fund my fiber vices!

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