Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Motion Challenge

A few months ago I entered Leah Day's Free Motion Challenge.  I was so thrilled that my little quilt was chosen as 1 of 14 semi-finalists.  After viewing the other 13, I knew I probably wouldn't be one of the 8 finalists. They were all so awesome.  However, this morning I got an email from Leah stating I was one of 8!  I am so surprised and happy!  Below are some photos of my winning quilt.  We had to use 5 of Leah's quilting designs - I used variations of her bubble and fern leaf designs.  The fabrics are all ones I painted myself, except the dark green.  However, it is also a hand dyed piece.

I want to congratulate my fellow finalists - like I said, their work was amazing and I cannot believe I am one of the winning group!

Seasonal Transformations  8.5"by 11"
Closeup of the quilting

Another closeup

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Erilyn said...

Monica, you deserve to be congratulated! Your quiltlet is just lovely and using your own dyed fabrics makes it even more special. Well done!