Friday, March 23, 2012

Granny Squares

I joined the Old Red Barn Quilt Along a while ago, but this is the first project on the site I have joined.  Granny squares - so easy yet so great looking.  If done as directed, the squares come out at 9.25 inches - which will finish at 8.75 inches.  I have completed 8 squares so far and will do at least 4 more.  I am toying with the idea of making 13 and arranging the blocks into the granny square configuration for the top.  We'll see....

Four of the 8.75 inch grannies

Not a bad size, but I wondered - as did someone else in the discussion group - what sizes were needed to create a 12 inch finished square.

So after doing a little math I came up with the squares have to be cut at 3.25 inches.  Since I prefer the set in triangle method for doing these, the corner triangles are cut from a 3.25 inch square cut once on the diagonal.  For the side triangles, I cut 1 5.25 inch square, which I cut along each diagonal into 4 triangles. (I actually had calculated more like 5.5 inches, but didn't realize I cut it short until I was well into sewing the block.  Since this was an experiment, I kept going.)

I  sewed it together - after trimming, I ended up with 12 3/8 inches, which is 1/8 inch short, but still enough to finish at 12 inches - you'd have to sew a very scant 1/4 inch.  I would recommend cutting the 4 side triangles from a 5 3/8 or even a 5.5 inch square.  Then I think you about guaranteed a 12.5 inch trimmed block.

12 inch Granny Square.


Laura VanVleet said...

Monica~thanks so much for figuring this out!! I love the little 9" squares, but want to include some in a row quilt I'm doing and I need them to be 12". I never was good at math! You rock!! Thanks again!

Debra said...

Hi Monica...i stumbled here from flickr.
I am so daft i do not understand what you mean about setting the corner triangles.
Does this mean you are not cutting/sewing squares for the corners?
If i sew all my squares at 3.25 with a .25 seam will i end up with a 12 1/2 inch block?
Thank you so much for your help.

Monica said...

Hi Debra,
There are 2 ways to make this - you can cut ALL (including the background pieces as 3.25 inch squares and sew them together. After doing so, you would trim it to 12.5 inches. The problem with that is, all the outside edges are on the bias and very prone to distorting. Alternatively, you cut the background pieces into triangles as described and then sew them on.

look at these tutorials:


Hope this helps!

Keeping it Real said...

Thank you so much! This is just what I was looking for an plan to use your measurements for my turn in one of my bees.