Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Workshop with Anna Marie Horner

One of my favorite local fabric stores, The Top Stitch, invited Anna Marie Horner to come to Spokane to teach a workshop on making her Prism Quilt.  While I am not necessarily very savvy of who is who in the fabric world, her fabrics are ones I am very aware of, so I jumped at the chance to meet and learn from her.  It was a great workshop.  I have been working on understanding the role of color and especially of value (shades and tones) in creating effective quilts.  Learning how to work with these elements with highly patterned fabrics was something I had barely worked with, so it was great having 20 minutes of her undivided time to show me how she looks at things.  There were 24 in the workshop, so it was a hectic day for everyone, but Anna took it all in stride, always showing genuine interest in each of us and what we were trying to do.  I came away very impressed and a fan!

Anna and me - she's a genuinely warm and fun lady!

The beginnings of my prism quilt - it's got a ways to go, but Anna and I worked on this part together.

On another note, as a result of that weekend, my scrap stash has exploded!  Time for more log cabins, since they are one of the best ways to use up these scraps.  I recently bought the book 101 Log Cabins from House of White Birches.  In it I found the “Drunkard’s Path Log Cabins” I had made templates for – goes to show, there’s very little out there that hasn’t been done before!
Anyway, I liked the Rolling Log block, but it was at 7 inches.  So I made new templates for 5 inches and 6 inches finished blocks.  I am making a rainbow themed log cabin quilt and thought these would make great corner stones.  I also think this would be an effective block if you used all one color, but either start dark and go to light, or the reverse.

I have WAY more scraps than I can use - but I'll find a way!

5 inch Rolling Log block


Nana B said...

I have never seen the rolling Log cabin Block before - it is very cool!

Staci said...

Never saw this block before, how interesting and fun!

Anonymous said...

It would be cool done with alternating light and dark version of the same pattern. It world like like a piece of ribbon swirling around! Thanks for the inspiration!